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Watercolor and Acrylic Art

My view of the world around me

As a self taught artist my work attempts to depict the world around all of us, people, places and things.  I am continually trying to vary my subjects but alas, certain things catch my eye more than others.  See my world in art presented here; hope you enjoy the visit.


Painting my views of the world

Fine art as I see it......

“Art is in the eye of the viewer - what is pleasing to one is often different to another.  It has been forty five years since I started with pen & ink drawings and nearly 20 years developing color through watercolors and acrylics.  Yet I am still only beginning to achieve the flow and freeness in expression that artists must have; my technical training and background continues to anchor me.  I see art as based on contrast with deep tonal values and what I see around me; I like realism.  My aunt, a trained career artist, once told me that taking art lessons or artist workshops can expand my knowledge and understanding of techniques but if I have my own technique I should stick with it.  She, however, didn’t particularly like realism and worked more in the abstract.  I was encouraged to strive for more freeness of expression, to be more like my technically trained father.  But alas, I am only an engineer, he was an architect!  I hope you are pleased with my work."

Painting the world within me

5 Meadowbrook Rd

Brunswick, Maine  04011


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